Rebecca Fink

Rebecca Fink, E-RYT500, has been teaching yoga to climbers since 2013 at Sender One Climbing, CA. She has enjoyed guiding and watching her yoga students grow in their asana practice, and always loves hearing their feedback about how yoga has improved their climbing skills. The enjoyment of fitness, the great outdoors, and the exploration of the union of breath and movement has inspired her to embark on a new journey of self discovery—through climbing. Now it all makes sense. Since beginning both a personal gym climbing practice and an exploration of natural rock climbing outdoors, she has first-hand discovered the innate connection between yoga and climbing. Many of the techniques used in yoga, such as personal body awareness and discipline of breath, are crucial in advancing climbing skills and avoiding injury. The mind and body connection can be accomplished on the wall, rock and mat, and in life. And, Rebecca is thrilled to be able to guide you on this path.


We are planning to offer more workshops soon. Follow Rebecca on instagram to stay in the loop! @rebeccafinkyogi

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Rebecca will be teaching while on vacation with her granddaughter in Europe. Follow her on instagram to stay in the loop! @rebeccafinkyogi

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