Being a full time engineer for over a decade, I always wanted to do something different where I can interact with people directly and share my spiritual intuition. I had been practicing yoga, mainly asana, for 7 years, when I heard about Deeper Than Asana Yoga teacher training. I thought I can finally do something different in my life and also learn more about meditational aspects of yoga.

Deeper Than Asana teacher training went above and beyond all of my expectations. I could have never imagined how much it would impact my life. My days are filled with joy and compassion. I wake up early mornings to meditate, followed by an asana practice, and I meditate and chant every night before bed. My asana practice is much deeper and I learned so much about every aspect of yoga, including philosophy, history, anatomy, 8 limbs and much more. Moreover, I am thrilled to be able to teach and help others in their journey.

The course is very well designed and organized. Rebecca and her team are amazing and so supportive. The course work helps individuals to become very confident in teaching, and the community created helps being connected and supported after the training is over. I feel so lucky to be a part this community and I highly recommend this YTT.


Where do I begin... BY Laura Adona

8 Deep Yoga was exactly what I was looking for to enhance my asana practice. Rebecca and her incredible team guided me through the philosophical waters of Patañjali, cleansing breath control techniques, functional anatomy, Indian folklore, ayurvedic flavors, subtle body awareness, and rejuvenating sound baths. This is a modest list, grains of sand in the expanse of an ocean shore, of the knowledge one will gain from completing this teacher training. I would take a 300-hr course in a heart beat! I now have a stronger practice, one that engages all the 8 limbs of yoga, and the confidence to dive into instructing classes. I am so grateful for the experience and community built!

Adrea teaching her first yoga class.

Adrea teaching her first yoga class.

Deeper Than Asana changed my life by Adrea Reed

The Deeper Than Asana 200 Hour Teacher Training program changed my life in the best possible sense. When I began the program, my intention was to deepen my own practice and learn more about the other aspects of yoga. I wanted to spend more time practicing meditation and pranayama, and learning about anatomy and the philosophy and history of yoga. And the program accomplished these goals for me. 

But I didn't expect to decide to become an actual yoga teacher myself. Halfway through the program though, I felt the 'calling' you could say. I realized that this was something I wanted, no needed, to do.  The TT program gave us each a chance to practice teaching to the group and get over the initial jitters of leading a group. 

I took the leap into teaching right away, as soon as we graduated. Happily I landed a class and a private right away and shortly after that was hired as a substitute teacher as well as started teaching a new studio. So there are exciting things happening all the time!

Our teaching training also inspired me to become certified in additional styles of yoga as well. I have completed my Yin certification and will soon be training in both kids and trauma informed yoga as well. My whole life is lived differently now - both in my day to day routine and in the way I think and even in how I treat people. And I have the Deeper Than Asana Teacher Training program to thank for all of that. 

Whitney demonstrating Vrksasana.

Whitney demonstrating Vrksasana.

My deeper than asana journey BY Whitney lamonda

Until I embarked on my Deeper Than Asana teacher training, I had no idea that yoga had more to offer than the physical practice. It changed my life; I was inspired by the philosophy and touched by the way of life that yoga encourages.

I probably learned more about myself than anything else on the adventure; meditating and breathing practices are now a daily ritual for me. The benefits to my asana practice were just a bonus; understanding true alignment, anatomy, adjustments, and cues allowed me to go further than I ever thought possible. The inspiration I found in the program also motivated my new found love for sharing this art.

I never thought I would even want to teach, but being a lifelong athlete and collegiate soccer player I decided to merge my passions and start the Athletes Temple, a yogic based training program for sport teams and athletes! I am so excited for the next steps in this amazing journey and couldn't be more grateful to all my mentors and the Deeper Than Asana Program. 

Gabriella practicing Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Gabriella practicing Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Deeper Than Asana Teacher Training has made me a better person and yoga practitioner by Gabriella Martinez

I went into the Deeper Than Asana 200 Hour Teacher Training program with the intention of deepening my knowledge of yoga and the program helped me do just that. I practiced the asana (pose portion), but I didn't know too much about the philosophy or anatomy of yoga. When we received our schedule I was happy to see that once a week we would meet for a yoga philosophy night where we learned about the ancient Indian texts, had stimulating conversations, and participated in group meditation. We would have an anatomy lecture every couple of classes to help us understand why we did certain poses. I loved learning about the 8 limb path of yoga and I realized that yoga was so much deeper than I could even imagine.

I began to look at the world differently by learning to see myself in every creature. I learned that you can practice yoga off of your mat by being a patient and loving person. I loved how we had such a small tight knit group of students. Our class became a beautiful yoga family where we could talk about anything. I loved the bonds that we shared and I will forever hold those experiences in my heart.

I learned so much from our mentors and from my peers. I am so lucky to have been part of the first Deeper Than Asana graduating class. After our training ended, I immediately knew that I wanted to be a yoga teacher so that I could share this knowledge with others. Yoga is so beautiful because it is a continuous learning process. I am a better person and I keep learning more every day.

Jessica practicing a Handstand Variation.

Jessica practicing a Handstand Variation.

how deeper than asana touched my life by jessica gong

When I signed up for the Deeper than Asana Yoga teacher training I had no idea what the name even meant! I didn't know Sanskrit or even what the English names for poses were. The one thing I did know was how great I always felt after a yoga class! So I joined TT to learn those English names and proper form. But what I experienced can only be described as "Deeper than Asana." 

Lifelong friendships were made, a supportive community emerged, and all of my relationships with others improved, the most important one being with myself. This program has truly touched my life, physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally... eternally. Although I wasn't sure if I wanted to teach after my training ended, the moment I received my certification I knew the only thing to do was to share the knowledge and spread the love. I am now an instructor with 2 different companies, guiding 3 classes per week!

Thank you, Rebecca, for putting together such a well rounded program, complete with things like the basics of anatomy, food education with an ayurvedic chef, and field trips to the temple!"

Duane enjoying life.

Duane enjoying life.

making a great life even better BY duane strosaker

The reason that I decided to complete yoga teacher training was to invest in myself. Sure, it's a lot of money and time, but I really couldn't think of a better way to put them to good use. My life was already good, but I felt like I could use some improvements and changes in my yoga. I also wanted to spend some time with like minded people. As a former Army paratrooper and group leader for  for multi-day kayaking trips, I was especially looking for a lead teacher trainer who would inspire and give me the confidence to teach yoga. I found this inspiration and confidence with Rebecca Fink, whose energy and spontaneity made teaching yoga look fun and easy. Through her Deeper Than Asana teacher training, I learned how to take better care of my body, mind and spirit, and teach others. Rebecca and the other wonderful teacher trainers always gave individualized attention, which helped me focus my studying on where I needed it the most. It was a lot of hard work, but the friendships made with the teachers and fellow students, and the knowledge and skills gained, made it one of the most memorable times in my life. In addition to my greatly improved personal yoga practice, I'm now teaching yoga with the confidence that I always hoped for.